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P. TSOULOUSIAN was founded in 1975 in Athens by Partic Tsoulousian. The beggining of the company became in our factorial area that is accommodated until today in Tavros with main activity the derviation of cups and label. From then and until today we try to find ourselves near all the developments where concerning our area offering our customers the best possible service. For this reason, after an ascendant course of 25 years, AFOI TSOYLOYSIAN O.E. as it was renamed extends it activities also in the production of ribbon, films of cake and in the import of paper. Today our company presents itself organized with experienced personnel, capable to cope with the challenges of new processed in the area of trade. Modern perception, low prices, high quality, respect for the customer, are few of the terms which our company applies to all the customers. You can find us in our exhibition kiosk in Artoza and Foodexpo, in which our company participates, or in our factorial area address Salaminias 9 in Tavros.